proudly presents its

Charity Martial Arts Seminar 2014

Saturday 14th June 2014 10:30 - 17:30

High Wycombe Judo Centre

in aid of Sport Relief
John Titchen DART Robert Agar Hutton Tai Chi Alan Murphy Jiu Jutsu

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This year we are only taking payment in advance except by prior arrangement with the organisers. All you then need to bring is yourself, a printout of your receipt, water, loose clothing (or your martial arts training gear if you have it) and snack food.

The price for the full day of training is £25, a bargain for five and a half hours of top-notch instruction. All profits will go to the Sport Relief charity.

To pay for your attendance click this link to go to Justgiving and follow the donation instructions there. We'll accept anyone who donates £25 or more, but if you'd like to donate more than the minimum that would be fantastic. Please remember to print a copy of your confirmation and bring it with you to the event as proof of purchase.

What is a MAP Meet?

Five and a half hours of martial arts classes!

Nine instructors with over 250 years experience between them!

Choose your own day's cross-training from the broad range of skill sets on offer

Open to men and women over the age of 13

No previous experience necessary

Where is the MAP Meet?

High Wycombe Judo Centre
Barry Close
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
HP12 4UE

The Wycombe Judo Centre has a bar where you can buy food and drink during the day if you wish. We have been advised that placing orders in advance would help them to ensure that everyone has what they want.

Who's Teaching?

  • Alan Murphy (Ju Jitsu)
  • Ben Gash (Kung Fu)
  • Ian Rose and Bill Nobbs (Judo)
  • John Titchen (Pinan Flow System Kata Bunkai)
  • Keith LeBihan (Boxing)
  • Paul Mitchell (Tae Kwon Do)
  • Robert Agar Hutton (Liu He Ba Fai)
  • Ross Mounteney (Chow Fook Kung Fu)
  • Simon Sheridan (Filipino Martial Arts Concepts)
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"I started my martial arts training in Jujitsu in Oct 1986 at a small dojo in Fraser Colorado, my boss invited me to train so I went and was thrown around the mats marvelling at the ease that others did this to me. After that one lesson I was hooked thank you to Bill Carver my old boss and friend. I trained under Michael Hite Sensei for almost 2 years achieving my brown belt along with my good friend Mike Pollitz. Mike Pollitz and I then travelled around the USA and spent a summer training 6 days a week twice a day in Black Rose Kenpo in Cleveland Ohio whilst continuing our jujitsu practice . My travels then took me back to my roots in Ireland where I tried Kenpo and Wing Chun for a while but settled into training in Wado Ryu karate for about 6 months.

"My next move took me to London where I trained in WJJF with Tony Siong Sensei attaining my blue belt in that discipline. I then met and trained with Dale Moore Sensei for about 13 years which saw us both moving though the political landscape of martial arts / jujitsu from the WJJF to Spirit combat to Kensekai jujitsu. We dabbled in kick boxing, aikido, weapons and even tried bojutsu all the time learning and enjoying our travels through the martial arts. In November 1993 I finally passed my black belt grading and was last one standing on the mats after a really devastating session, the result of 8 years of training which involved its fair share of blood, sweat and effort. I continued to train with Dale in Brentford where we continued to improve our skills and technique whilst looking to find new skills for ourselves and our students. Due to outside issues Dale asked me to continue with the club while he took a sabbatical. I continued to teach and train getting graded to 2nd Dan in 1995, 3rd Dan in 1998, 4th Dan in 2002, 5th Dan in 2005and 6th Dan in 2012.

"Dale started a new club and we all moved across to train with him at Imber Court allowing me to train and not teach as much which suited my mind-set at the time. In 2004 Dale moved away to Hampshire and I got together with John Plumbridge Sensei and Jerry Sparry Sensei setting up a new club in Staines which is the result of our many years training and experimentation called Staines Mushin Bushikan Jujitsu club. The syllabus is a modernised and augmented version of the original Jujitsu I learnt in Colorado in the 80s. It is a street orientated art heavily based in judo technique and training principals with the accumulated experiences of Johns 52 years and my 26 years of training being passed on to the next generations of martial artists. We continue to train at this venue twice a week and indeed are seeing some excellent martial artists coming through the doors and on the mats.

"I have been a police officer for the past 20 years in London and was a self-defence instructor for 16 of those years instructing Police, partners and public in all aspects of self-defence. I maintain an active interest and contributor to the self defence projects that the service currently teaches."

Bio to follow.

Ian and Bill

Bill Nobbs, 73, one of the founder members of the High Wycombe Judo Centre, was awarded a 4th Dan from the British Judo Association and National Committee in 2003. The award was given as recognition of his services to the sport as a competitor and instructor. The Wycombe Judo Centre has paved the way to no less than 60 medals in European, World and Olympic competitions.

Bill has been involved in martial arts for over 50 years and now spends most of his time instructing the 150 children who go through the centre each week.

See see Ian's website for details of his Paralympic Judo career.


John began his formal martial arts training in Shotokan Karate in 1991. He now has 20 years experience of teaching in the field of martial arts and self protection, including teaching in the USA. An early experience of cross training whet his appetite for exploring Karate in greater depth and he has since trained with a wide range of leading martial artists in diverse styles. John has always had a passion for research, and in addition to his successful book Heian Flow System has been able to share his knowledge in interviews with Combat Magazine, Martial Arts Planet, and Iain Abernethy's Forum, and as a regular columnist for Traditional Karate Magazine and the e-zine Jissen.

In 1999, John embarked upon a detailed study of the patterns of Habitual Acts Of Violence (HAOV) that made his training and teaching more relevant to Violent Crime. This lead to the creation of the Heian Flow System in 2004. This research significantly improved his students, but it became clear that realistic full force simulations were required in order to pressure test existing drills as a quality management procedure. These developments resulted in a shake up of his syllabus in the first half of 2006, and the re-branding of his Practical Karate as Defence Attack & Resolution Tactics (DART) in July 2006. DART is a practical karate system designed to develop and enhance the necessary survival skills to avoid, deter, negate, survive and escape violence. DART evolved from applying research in the following subject areas to effective martial arts techniques and training: Sports Science, Psychology, Violent Crime Statistics and the Law.

As the Lead Coach at DART John continues to research and develop new psychological and physical defence strategies and coaching methods to ensure that those training with him receive the best instruction possible. He is also in the process of updating his Heian Flow System with new drills for a digital individual kata second edition. He regularly lectures in conflict avoidance and management, and teaches physical seminars around the country. He will be teaching legal responses to HAOV.

Bio to follow.

Bio to follow.


Robert teaches Tai Chi and Karate in Gloucester. He has been involved with the martial arts since 1970 and is both highly qualified and as crazy as a large box of Weasels...

He is a 5th degree black belt in Kyu Shin Ryu Karate as well as in his own modified Karate system called 'Protectics Karate Jutsu'. The former grade was awarded by his Sensei, D. Graves, after a grading and the latter was self-awarded (Crazy and has no shame). He is recognised as an Advanced Level Tai Chi instructor by the Tai Chi Union For Great Britain. Finally, he also has a B.Sc (Hons) degree in Martial Arts and Sports Psychology (after three years full time study 2007-2010) which makes him one of about 30 people nationwide to have a genuine University Degree in Martial Arts.

None of the above matters in the least... In Robert's words:

"The only thing that matters about a martial arts instructor is what YOU can gain from studying with them. If Master 'X' can leap tall buildings... 'Whoopee' but can they teach ME to do it. If Master 'Y' can do no-touch knockouts (giggle giggle) 'Whoop de do da day' but again can they teach ME???

"I have taught people from all backgrounds from complete beginners up to high level black belts (and equivalents in other arts) and generally (note I say generally, not always, I am not perfect... yet) those people who train with me can find something in my art that they can use to make their own art better...

"Tai Chi is great for health and relaxation and that is often the key to its martial success as well - watch a Gracie in MMA or a great boxer in world class competition - what's one of the underpinning keys to success... remaining relaxed is the key (Yes we can get into a discussion about 'states' and 'anxiety' and 'arousal' and other psychological stuff...). It's the key to fast awareness and fast response... and oh yes, that's what you need if you are into self defence too...

"Anyway, come along, have some fun, learn some stuff... (Please remember to bring your feet, your fists and your brain - all are important)."


I competed in freestyle/greco wrestling from 1972 to 1976 . I then studied Butokukan karate starting in 1977 before going to university and Chinese martial arts after university in 1986 starting with Wing Chun (Vietnamese and Hong Kong lineages).

I am presently a student of Master Mark Chan (family system that is a composite of Hung Gar/Choy Li Fut/Southern Sil Lum and also Lung Ying/Bak Mei as taught in the lineage of Master Chow Fook).

I train intermittently in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to try to round out my game and keep fit, particularly in the off season when I am not playing rugby.

I will be teaching standing grappling from a kung fu point of view, a cross over between sticking hands and clinch work.


I started martial arts at 17 years old in Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu. This gave me a solid base to work from. Much of the flexibility and fluidity I have today stems from my Kung Fu background. From there I moved to Jeet Kune Do, which I studied for several years and became senior student, teaching the majority of classes for a period of a year before the class disbanded.

In my late 30's I re-ignited my love of Eskrima and became a private student of Grand Master Danny Guba, with whom I'd trained with during my JKD days. I also began training in The Ji Han Jeung Dao and became a Senior Associate Instructor.

I now teach my own class and the system very much incorporates elements of the above. It is heavily boxing influenced, with a flavour of JKD and FMA. I also maintain the Kung Fu element, as it adds a different flavour to my kicks and trapping hands. I have also been fortunate to have trained with the likes of John Titchen, Master Sken and Bob Breen.

I'll cover breaking down the ranges (mainly from boxing range) within one flowing move, forward pressure, trapping hands and standing grappling. The use of elbows and knees will also be covered. The main focus will be on forward pressure, while remaining light, fluid and at balanced at all times.